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Application type : Facade

Installed surface : 165m²

The owners of this typical Breton House wanted to restore their facade. Their certified professional  (RGE) suggested them SKYTECH PRO XL as a solution to enhance the thermal and acoustic insulation of their home in addition to a PVC cladding. This solution had the advantage of being both cost saving (rain screen + insulation in one single operation) and not increasing too much the thickness of their facade.

Strengths :

  • Housing thermal and acoustic enhancement.
  • Tackling of thermal bridges (including walls-floors connections between the ground floor and the 1st floor)
  • No recess at embrasures and window sills
  • No action on storm water downpipes
  • Works short duration

Facade before installation

avant travaux

SKYTECH PRO XL installation

No joinery recess. Preservation of the storm water drainage

SAM_3013 SAM_3030 WEB SAM_3023 WEB SAM_3018-CP SAM_3039 WEB SAM_3412 RTC SAM_3404 WEB face avant SKYTECH RPO

Cladding installation

SAM_3399 après bardage