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Insulation manufacturer

WINCO Technologies is specialized since 1988 in the design and manufacturing of technical high-temperature insulation for the automotive, steel, petrochemical and defence industries. WINCO Technologies draws its know-how from the expertise of the WINCO group which is present in Europe, Asia and the USA.

WINCO Technologies is ISO 9001 certified for the quality of its products and ISO 14001 for the respect of environment. These standards ensure a constant manufacturing quality, the selection and traceability of raw materials limiting the impact on the environment.

The manufacturing lines of our insulation products for the building sector are among the best in the world. Efficient logistics enable us to cope with large orders in timely manner. Because the insulation of buildings and housing is a primary source of energy saving, WINCO Technologies offers a full range of environmentally friendly thermal insulation, benefiting from the most up-to-date technical innovations and suited to building markets.

WINCO Technologies is above all a company of men and women that are always at your disposal and ready to share with you and your customers their expertise and their passion.

WINCO Technologies, innovation at the service of performance and comfort!