Innovation for performance and comfort!


Application type : Roof

Number of m² installed : 180 m²


The customer wanted to renovate a part of his main residence without losing space in the rooms located in the attic. For this he needed a solution which had to be both thin and efficient. With only 140mm of glasswool in addition, the customer was able to benefit from a 30% tax credit while optimizing the renovation of its home by dealing with heat transfers not only by conduction but also by radiation and convection for more comfort in summer and winter…

Left : part renovated in 2014 with only glass wool. Right: part renovated in 2015 with SKYTECH PRO.

The thermal camera measurements were carried out to verify the impact of SKYTECH PRO on the roof thermal insulation.

DSC02501 cam-thermique-anglais-02


INSULATION INSTALLATION: As SKYTECH PRO is breathable, it can installed in direct contact with the insulation.

DSC02269  DSC02267

SKYTECH PRO INSTALLATION: no wind load – easy to cut and to install – Overlapping and jointing of the SKYTECH PRO strips with the REFLEXBOND adhesive tape.

DSC02288  DSC02265  DSC02263  DSC02291 cp  DSC02275

SLATE INSTALLATION : no excessive thickness for a more aesthetic joining with the already renovated part – ventilated air-gap for an optimum summer comfort.

DSC02295 DSC02393 DSC02405 DSC02401

CONTINUOUS SHEATHING: ridge and chimney flues.

DSC02330  DSC02358