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Insulation for HVAC

Insulation of electronic components production line

VEGETO : micro encapsulated PCM for Valeo thermal battery

Non-combustible insulation, micro encapsulation and phase change materials

High-temperature and thermal insulation

Historically established in the market of high-temperature (600 to 1200 ° C) insulation WINCO TECHNOLOGIES designs and cuts customized refractory products. These insulation products are used to protect plastics in household products, covering pipes or tanks to safeguard employees or consumables used during metallurgical production operations.

Alongside its historical activity, the WINCO group has also developed a program of research and development on microencapsulation. Phase change materials for thermal regulation, biocides to fight insects, perfumes for paints or textiles, we offer different envelope solutions according to the ingredients to micro encapsulate. We are also working on the release or not of substances based on specific conditions.

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