Innovation for performance and comfort!


Thermo-regulating plaster

Easy solution against overheating in the converted attic spaces

Enhance inertia on wooden constructions

Store sun energy to increase energy savings


A new vision of thermal comfort

With THERMO CONFORT, optimize heat sources in housing and in commercial buildings.

This revolutionary plaster can absorb overheating by storing it in micro-capsules and releasing when necessary. Once applied on the wall, THERMO CONFORT absorbs overheating from wooden stoves, sun and computer equipments. THERMO CONFORT is a smart heat battery; it will release energy intakes at the perfect time to bring a natural thermal comfort with no equivalent.


Product benefits

  • Naturally controls temperature variations
  • Controls overheating
  • Delays the start of the heating system
  • Extends solar gains
  • Optimizes wood heating systems
  • Improves the felt temperature
  • Brings thermal mass

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High thermal storage capacity plaster

Stop overheating discomfort to use it at the right time

Thanks to its micro-capsules, THERMO CONFORT is able to store up to 2150 Wh for a 45m² room. You can enjoy a comfortable temperature during daytime and save energy at night.

A thermal comfort with no equivalent

THERMO CONFORT targets discomfort temperatures by storing overheating only. From 23 to 26°C, it reacts and stores heat 10 times more than a traditional coating.

A heat storage battery as a source of energy savings

On the other hand, when your room temperature decreases, THERMO CONFORT releases stored heat down to 18°C delaying the start of the heating system.

With THERMO CONFORT, you can benefit from a free source of energy all year long without any heavy construction work.



For a successful application

To apply THERMO CONFORT, you can use a stainless steel plastering tool

For all other applications, please contact our customer service department : +33 2 96 78 24 22

Drying time : >12H

Estimated drying time at 20°C and 50 % of humidity.