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PCM microencapsulation

High thermal capacity

High-precision fusion range

In 2008 the company embarked on a comprehensive program of research and development on microencapsulated phase change materials (PCM). It has developed a range of microcapsules, called INERTEK, dedicated for various application areas within the industry: building, textile, transport, etc…

Phase Change Materials (PCM) principle

20160905 - principe des MCP-02

MCI Technologies has been equipped, since 2011 on its Trégueux site (Brittany), with a production unit enabling the manufacture of several tons of microcapsules per week.

INERTEK microcapsules are produced by in situ polymerization. This process is repeatable on a wide spectrum of internal phases: biocides, perfumes, phase change materials.

INERTEK Microcapsules are available in 2 forms: powder or slurry.


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