Innovation for performance and comfort!

Company : PLAC’ORAISON :

Installation type : indoor plastering

Applied quantity appliquée : 425 kg (a storage capacity of 10 150 Wh)

As part of a mutual project of summer comfort improvment in residential housing, WINCO Technologies and YTONG combined their technologies to build an efficient and sustainable energy solution.
The project of reference of Mr BLANC has been selected because of its southern exposure and its thermal expectations. In fact, the owner wanted to reach the passive classification.
The solution has been especially developed for a minimum application on light concrete and to better optimise solar gains and to reduce cooling systems. THERMO CONFORT maximize the CMV and the Canadian well.

A specific primer with phase change materials has been sprayed to block the substrate and moreover to integrate 15% of the phase change materials directly in the light concrete without any extra thickness. Thus, THERMO CONFORT can be applied with a reinforced effectiveness.


Improves thermal inertia of the light concrete.


Primer is sprayed.


Application of THERMO CONFORT.

DSC00297 rtc

Manual application for smaller surfaces …

… and airless application for bigger surfaces.


20151217 - 3

Thanks to the big surface of windows, THERMO CONFORT will be able to store solar gains for a better comfort and energy savings.